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Rhinoplasty and browlift, a powerful combination

Combination of rhinoplasty and browlift can be very powerful.


Augmentation rhinoplasty will increase the fullness of the nasal root area, which can make a masculine and a strong appearance in some patients, especially in the elderly and in the patients with low-set brows.

However if browlift is combined with rhinplasty, there will be no such concerns because browlift will increase the brow-nasal root distance, will open the nasofrontal angle and alleviate the soft tissue fullness in the nasal root area.


And browlift will enhance the brow-tip aesthetic line, and also will make a nose look longer.


The patient below had the rhinoplasty for the short nose( the contracted nose) correction with rib cartilages.

And browlift was also done to correct the ptotic brows and to enhance the rhinplasty outcome.