• 카테고리 없음 Quick and Easy, 15 minutes-rhinoplasty "Cogelco" rhinoplasty is a quick and easy, endonasal, fast-recovering rhinoplasty surgery using diced ear cartilages mixed with own blood. The diced ears are injected like fillers using a syringe. Below are the pictures, 1 month after "cogelco" rhinoplasty More
  • 카테고리 없음 Full Facial Rejuvenation Full facial rejuvenation surgery includes, Forehead Lift, Facelift, Neck lift, Upper and Lower eyelid surgeries, Rhinoplasty and any kind of rejuvenating procedures for the aging face. Below patient had the full facial rejuvenation surgery in one day. Pictures are 1 month after the full facial rejuvenatjion surgery. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Cleft lip nose For the successful correction of the cleft lip nose, Strong structural support is essential. To lift the lower side of the nostril up to the level of the normal side, I use a vertical strut using the rib cartilage, and the strut is divided to make a strong arch to pull up the lower side of the nostril. When the lower side of the nostril is lifted up, additional tip g.. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Full facial rejuvenation, before and after Full facial rejuvenation comprises upper, middle and lower facial rejuvenation. And skin treatments also. For the upper facial rejuvenation, forehead lift, eyelid surgeries and others will be necessary. For the mid-facial rejuvenation, lower lid surgery, facelift, rhinoplasty, fat grafting and others will be necessary. For the lower facial rejuvenation, facelift, necklift, chin augmentation, and.. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Endoscopic Browlift Endoscopic browlift is a very powerful tool to rejuvenate the upper one third of face. And its long-term result is also well proven. For an experieced surgeon, the surgery takes only about an hour. However, for a long-term successful result, complete release of ligamentous attachments around the orbit, and weakening of the brow depressor muscles will be necessary. Below patient was from Thailand.. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Augmentation Rhinoplasty for a Thai lady I was invited to Thailand in 2015 for plastic surgeries by a famous plastic surgeon in Thailand. I did several operations for 2 days of my stay. This young lady was one of the patients. She was very satisfied with the rhinoplasty results. She is my facebook friend, so still I can follow her for the long-term outcome. And She still looks fine. She expressed her gratitute for the surgery through t.. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Be and Young facial plastic surgery center in Seoul, Grand open in November 2022 More
  • 카테고리 없음 Rhinoplasty and browlift, a powerful combination Combination of rhinoplasty and browlift can be very powerful. Augmentation rhinoplasty will increase the fullness of the nasal root area, which can make a masculine and a strong appearance in some patients, especially in the elderly and in the patients with low-set brows. However if browlift is combined with rhinplasty, there will be no such concerns because browlift will increase the brow-nasal.. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Facelift progress pictures When a deep plane facelift is performed in a correct manner, It usually takes 4~6 weeks for the resolution of edema and ecchymosis, even though the progress differs for each patient. Below are the progress pictures from 1 week to 4 months of a patient who took the deep plane facelift and endoscopic browlift. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Contracted nose correction Contracted nose is the resut of the scar contracture of the nasal skin. Mobile part of the nose, which is the tip, is retracted upward to the immobile part of the nose, which is the nasal dorsum. To correct the contracted nose, scar tissue must be released fully in a meticulous manner. Then released nasal cartilages of the nasal tip are supported and elongated using autologous cartilages. And in.. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Pinched nose deformity There are many causes for the pinched appearance of the nose. In Caucasian noses, cartilage deformity is the main problem. However in Asian noses, it is usually from secondary changes by augmentation rhinoplasty. When the nose is augmented, usually only the central part of the nasal bridge and nasal tip is augmented, without proper support for the sidewall. To prevent the pinched nose deformity,.. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Correction of alar retraction There are several ways to correct alar retraction. However there are advantages and disadvantages together for each technque. To correct alar retraction, skin along the nostril rim should be pulled (advanced) downward, firtst and the advanced skin should be supported properly with a firm cartilage framework. My technique is to advance the skin in V-Y fashion (which is a very effective local flap.. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Keynote speech in Chinese university in Hong Kong, 40th anniversary of ENT More
  • 카테고리 없음 Invited for Surgeries in Thailand, and 2020 Live lecture in Bangkok More
  • 카테고리 없음 Lectures in Changsha, China More
  • 카테고리 없음 Endonasal rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty without columellar incision is called endonasal rhinoplasty. When a patient wants a minimal to moderate change, or natural appearance without big changes, endonasal rhinoplasty can be considered, if there is no severe underlying deformities. Moderate sized hump can be resected endonasally and osteotomies also can be done endonasally at the same time. Minimal to moderate tip augmentat.. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Full facial rejuvenation Full facial rejuvenation comprises forehead lift, face and neck lift, eyelid operations, facial volume augmentations, rhinoplasty and others. Below patients had, Endoscopic browlift, facelift, lower blepharoplasty, augmentation rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and facial fat grafting. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Lectures in AAFPRS (American academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery), Dallas and New York More
  • 카테고리 없음 Lectures in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia More
  • 카테고리 없음 Invited for surgical demonstration, Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan More
  • 카테고리 없음 Lectures in Vietnam, 2015 More
  • 카테고리 없음 Lecture in Chicago rhinoplasty symposium, USA Lectured on Asian rhinoplasty More
  • 카테고리 없음 Male rhinoplasty in a patient with droopy tip, retracted alae Case study. The patient wanted to correct hump nose, droopy nasal tip. Hump resection with osteotomies were done. Tip projection was made with septal and ear cartilages. No dorsal augmentation was done. Only supratip augmentation wtih ear cartilages. The nasal profile of the male patient should be straight and strong. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Live surgery demonstration, facelift and revision rhinoplasty, 2019 international aging face symposium More
  • 카테고리 없음 Lectures on endoscopic browlift, Asian eyelid in 2019 AAO, New Orleans, USA More
  • 카테고리 없음 Lectures in Milano master class, Italy More
  • 카테고리 없음 Lectures and demonstration of cadaver dissection on facelift and rhinoplaslty in Taiwan Lectures and demonstration of cadaver dissection in Taiwan, 2019 TSGH Rhinoplasty and Facial Rejuvenation workshops. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Augmentation rhinoplasty with diced rib cartilages Augmentation rhinoplasty is one of the most common aesthetic procedures in Asian countries. Because commonly a large volume is required for augmentation, silicone implants are widely used in Asia. However there are people who want to have augmentation rhinoplasty using autologous rib cartilages. - Some people have abhorrence of silicone, - Some people have had bad experience of complications fro.. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Facelift There are numerous kinds of facelifts. From minimally invasive ones, such as the thread lifting to extensive ones, such as the deep plane facelift. For a long-lasting, a more effective, and a more natural result, minimally invasive ones have their own limitations. Only a comprehensive operation dealing with proper facial planes can guarantee a long-lasting, truly rejuvenating result, that is the.. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Contracted Nose The contracted nose is from the contracture of the soft tissue envelope of the nose. When contracture of the soft tissue occurs, mobile and soft parts of the nose, which are around the tip of the nose, are pulled upward. The resultant nose is upturned, short, and immobile. Then what makes the contracture of the soft tissue ? Inflammation or infection of a nasal implant is the most frequent cause.. More
  • 카테고리 없음 World Rhinoplasty Day Invited as a faculty in the World Rhinoplaty Day More
  • 카테고리 없음 Labom plastic surgery in Korea Labom Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Clinic Labom Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty Clinic,Functional nose surgery,Special nose surgery,Secondary nose surgery,Nose reconstruction,Nose surgery by type,Short nose / upturned nose,Low nose,Arrow nose / long nose,Bent nose,Wide nose ridge,Hooked nose,Wide bulb We are specialized in Rhinoplasty, Facelift and Reconstruc.. More
  • 카테고리 없음 Dr. Kim's Facial Plastic Surgery in Korea There are numerous websites advertising plastic surgeries. I want to share medical and academic, non-commercial, non-advertising informations with people who are seeking true and credible ones. More

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